Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Solutions Designed to Maintain
Optimal Temperature Control

Smith’s Inc is a refrigeration and cold storage mechanical contractor. We provide design, build, installation, and maintenance services for your cold storage warehouse and food processing plant.

We are a full service mechanical contractor with specific expertise in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications including refrigerated warehouses and food processing facilities. We also offer complete commercial and industrial HVAC design, construction, repairs, installation and preventative maintenance services.

When Experience Matters

Experienced design-build for Refrigeration and Cold-Storage Systems

Refrigeration and cold storage is a critical component in today’s food distribution chain, and one of the key services that Smith’s Inc provides. Our process is efficient and organized so you get the best quality and value. We install and service commercial and industrial refrigeration applications including:

Cold storage warehouses
Meat processing facilities
Process chillers
Produce processing facilities
Ripening rooms
Seafood processing facilities

Cold Storage Solutions Simplified

Our refrigeration systems are precisely engineered and expertly installed to match your specific needs. From industrial cold storage warehouses to food processing rooms, we design ammonia or Freon systems based on your needs. Our experienced team can design a system that will perform according to your exact specifications.

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Our team understands the stress that comes with major projects with critical timelines. You can rely on the team at Smith’s Inc to shoulder that burden for you. Our experienced engineers, project managers, and technicians will handle all aspects of the project from planning and design to managing timelines and budgets to project completion. We will make sure that your project stays on track and on target with your schedule and your budget.